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Ladyboys seeking sex marriage dating

But I am a tall, fit, healthy, muscular, well-dressed and good-looking western man (in the eyes of the ladyboys) with a strong male sex drive and a polygamous nature.I viewed the ladyboys as they viewed me – as sex objects.Anything more than 1 month I feel would be dangerous because the lifestyle on offer is so intoxicating and addictive.I had such fun on my last solo trip that I want to do it again and again and again!It would be nice to live the illusion for longer than 1 month out of each year but work commitments and my intuition and logic tells me to live and earn my money in the West and spend some of it in Thailand.I will be wealthier for it and that is what the Thais really want anyway.I refuse to take on this role again and the women around me – especially those I work alongside have noticed just how different I am now compared to before.

I have chosen voluntary celibacy to ensure that I am not inadvertently roped into a relationship with a woman which would restrict my future Pattaya plans and to ensure that I retain the most important commodities on offer in this life – my individual freedom, liberty, peace of mind and autonomy. I had a single mother interested in me who was very sexy and who I had an intense sexual desire towards.I find women here in the West (especially Western women) extremely boring, irritating to be around and intolerable now compared to before.All I hear out of their mouths is constant bitching, moaning, sarcasm and complaining.Most of them are hypergamous and looking to marry up and I want no part of this (I believe that hypergamy is the number 1 driving force in women to achieve what they really want in life: security).They are not looking at me as a sex object as I am looking at them. The sexual drive I have as a man has always been used against me in the past by women who have strategically manipulated me and turned me into a utility to fulfil their own selfish desires for provision, housing, luxury and security.

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Most of these male manginas have turned against me as well as they can see that I have changed significantly since my Thailand adventures and have become a completely different person and a threat.

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