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They arose again in February, when Newsweek published a Q&A with Bowman.

What’s more, he said, the point of Bowman’s essay was that Cosby’s alleged behavior hadn’t been taken seriously until it was raised by a man, comedian Hannibal Buress, whose stand-up routine in which he talked about the allegations went viral last month.

Nothing changed in the details of Bowman’s story between 2006 and Nov.

13, when her first-person essay was published on Post Everything, a commentary section of The Washington Post Web site.

This time, the news media’s reaction was wholly different.

The story triggered an explosion of coverage, which led other women to emerge with (or retell) similar stories, which led to even more coverage.

“I can’t imagine that [a woman making the same claim] in 2014 would be put on trial like Anita Hill was,” Carmichael said.

Jezebel last week broke the story of the alleged rapes of three Oklahoma high-school girls by a boy who was their former classmate.

just before a story in the Toronto Star reported that Ghomeshi had punched, slapped or choked women without their consent during sexual encounters.

Rape allegations are more likely to be covered in the media and to be treated with greater nuance and deference when they are, say people who follow the issue.

The retelling of the Cosby story was preceded a few weeks earlier by a swirl of sexual-battery allegations made by at least three women against Jian Ghomeshi, a Canadian radio personality with a following in the United States.

News stories and columns raised questions about his accuser that repeated “a lot of the mythology” about rape, Friedman said, such as that she was “asking for it” by going to his hotel room or that she was a “gold digger” seeking a payoff.

“The media acted as if she was the one on trial,” she said.

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The Post’s executive editor, Martin Baron, said that Bowman’s piece did not make new allegations against Cosby.