Iran sex chat channel

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Iran sex chat channel

Their arrangement is being described in Iran as a "white marriage," a relatively new phenomenon that is worrying Iranian authorities.

Officials there see couples like Raana and Hamed as an affront to the Islamic values that are preached and enforced by the state through pressure and harassment.

The rest of the show consists of screen-within-a-screen skits as the family flips from channel to channel, increasingly appalled at the corruption they witness, acting as a sort of living-room Greek chorus as the camera pans between the frivolous U. shows on television and the staid, hypocritical family (the pious-looking father asks the dish installer for access to sex channels) watching and reacting in occasional titillation but, mostly, horror.

The verdict is clear: Five channels are better than 900, and America is no place for good, upstanding Iranians.

On November 30, Mohammad Mohammad Golpayegani, the chief of staff for Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, criticized cohabitating couples as "shameful" and warned that an entire generation would be doomed.

Golpayegani said "their halal generation will be extinguished and they will become bastards." He declared that "the Islamic ruler should strongly fight this kind of life." One day later, a deputy at Iran's Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports blamed the media for fueling interest in so-called white marriages.

These cartoonish Iranian-Americans aren’t simply crass, foolish, and wicked — they’re also shown to be deracinated hypocrites, despite their oft-professed nostalgia. Modiri himself appears as a fake talk-show host in a parody of the armchair revolutionaries and Persian nationalists who exhort Iranians inside the country to rise up, from their comfortable perches in Beverly Hills and Westwood. I’m not after power or wealth; I don’t want to be president or head of parliament," he assures.

In one skit, a female singer recounts her homesickness to an interviewer in Los Angeles. I missed home so much that I boarded a plane and counted the seconds till my return," she says. Seated in a wood-paneled library beside Iran’s pre-1979 flag, Modiri bellows at Iranians for their weak-kneed response to dictatorship. "At the very most I would run state broadcasting." Another skit features Mr.

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The show is busy with flamboyant gay men who cause the family much alarm as they wiggle their hips and flap their hands on-screen, speaking in screeching tones. " the father asks his wife, frantically trying to change the channel.

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