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We liked each other from the day we met, but actually we didn't date until we had been good friends for about 4 years.

there will be differences but those differences are going to be more manageable than many other type pairings out there. Mostly we love debating together though so that issue doesn't come up often.Why exactly does it make sense for the functions to be one type ordered one way and another ordered another?Why does more complex and convoluted with no actual basis in science for the structure stand above the more simple straightforward way of getting there? you're either an N or an S or an F or a T or a J or a P. If you're going to go by functions wouldn't it make more sense to make up many more types to address the fact that not everyone is going to test out in the prescribed fashion to be assigned a type? Also, she is an Ni dom, so you should try using more Ne with her, they will listen to Ne before listening to your Ti. We dated for 8 years before getting married 11 years ago, so we've been together a long time, and we are one of the happiest, most compatible couples I know. Or at least they don't see it as an exercise to work out ideas. x NTJ's see debating as an exercise to smash other worldviews to bits, so bring your A-game pansy, because they play to win.

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Just because in our culture the male is supposed to be directive, doesn't mean male Adaptives are not allowed to be with female directive types.

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  1. Unfortunately, I never heard from him again after the date and to this day I don't know why... Has using an app like Tinder impacted your ability to approach people in person, for better or for worse?