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As an African-American, I was recently discussing with co-workers my concern that all of the Hallmark movies, past and current, show only white people. I am also pleased to see and purchase cards related to same-sex couples.It makes me wonder why, if the cards reflect the diversity we have in our society, Hallmark has not carried this over into their movies.Hopefully Hallmark will re-think their movies and produce movies that more reflect our society.So while I share your wish that the writers had come up with a more satisfactory ending, I wouldn’t have entrusted them with another year to do so. Hating one thing to demonstrate your love for another just strikes me as an odd and counter-productive form of affection. Are there any midseason shows we should be excited about? I'm not saying it should, but am wondering about when violence adds to a story, versus when it merely adds to a certain kind of viewership.How long can AMC’s The Walking Dead realistically stay on TV? For as long as its ratings stay among TV’s best, particularly among younger viewers — and for as long as those ratings bring in more money than the show costs to make. The simple answer is no, I don’t think it could be told without the shocking violence.

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Another, perhaps more troubling problem, is the one you raise: That certain viewers may be watching precisely for the violence, and in particular, all that violence against women, without much regard for the anti-violent point being made.

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