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Denmark country is bordered by the southernmost of the Nordic nations, southwest of Sweden and south of Norway, and south of Germany.

France: Area: 547,030 square Km, Population: 63,182,000, Capital: Paris, Language: French.

But shouldn't the order be: Fall in love with a person first, and then live and enjoy the luxury afterwards?

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Poland: Area: 312,685 square Km, Population: 38,625,478, Capital: Warsaw, Language: Polish.

It is officially the Republic of Poland, that is located in the central of Europe.

Netherlands is bordered by the north and west of the North Sea, south of Belgium, east of Germany, and shares maritime borders with Belgium, Germany and UK.

Women wish for stability, support and to experience luxury, with an exciting and affluent gentlemen.

Men crave attention, stimulating conversation, and the company of a beautiful and adventurous woman.

Germany nation has 81.8 million inhabitants and it is the largest economy in the European Union.

Greece: Area: 131,940 square Km, Population: 10,645,343, Capital: Athens, Language: Greek. It is bordered by land with Albania, noth of Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria, and east of Turkey. Hungary: Area: 93,030 square Km, Population: 10,075,034, Capital: Budapest, Language: Hungarian. It is bordered by the north of Slovakia, east of Ukraine and Romania, south of Serbia and Croatia, southwest of Slovenia and west of Austria.

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The Czech Republic is a landlocked nation in Central Europe.

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