Hong kong sex talk

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Hong kong sex talk

Teachers used to order pupils to tape shut the chapter in school textbooks about reproduction.

No wonder, then, that men and women in Hong Kong are turning to sex workers for tips about lovemaking – and that workshops one sex workers’ group recently held were oversubscribed. Only people like us with thick skins can talk about this,” says Jenny, a sex worker who led the workshops.

It wasn’t until her friends became sexually active that she got a better idea, she says.

Matthew Yau Kwai-sang, a professor at Tung Wah College and certified sex therapist, reckons sex education in Hong Kong schools is “still as lousy as it was years ago” – a time when teachers just skipped the chapter on reproduction, as thirty-something Karen Lau Hong-lam recalls.

Nor can it be said of teachers, who would get red in the face just listening to Jenny talk as part of their training.

Even starting a public discussion about sex can attract censure, as Julia Sun Wai-han , founder of the Sticky Rice Love website, discovered.Jenny, who led recent workshops held by the JJJ Association, a support group for female sex workers, often encounters clients undermined by such fantasies.“If porn is where you get your information, you might think that everyone has a huge penis and that they can do it for a long time without ejaculating.The men who come to us cover theirs because they’re afraid people will laugh at them for having small ones,” she says.Yau, founding chairman of the Hong Kong Association of Sexuality Educators, Researchers and Therapists, recalls a client who was worried because he was climaxing after half an hour of sex. and how come my wife is not screaming and moaning like in the movies?

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