High schooler dating a college student

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In addition, even if your relationship is long distance, you’re still allowing yourself to be controlled/affected by someone, which could have a potentially negative outcome, like you become unable to grow as an independent person, and you’re constantly reliant upon someone at a distance.

Another thing to think about when deciding to continue your high school relationship into college is the unnecessary drama that it will undeniably provoke, whether you’re on campus with them, or working through a long distance relationship.

If you’re attending the same school as your significant other, who you hang out with, especially if it’s a person of the opposite sex, will constantly be questioned and judged by them.

You might have a bulletproof relationship that you’re completely confident with continuing throughout college, but these reactions are simply human nature.

But be warned: a regular hookup doesn’t mean professing your love for one another is the next step.

Girls in particular often expect their hookups to turn into something more – but a hookup is typically nothing more than a no-strings-attached agreement.

This is what college is all about (aside from going to class and working toward completing a major).

For some people, having relationships in high school is a significant part of social maturation.

That first relationship, which is most likely the first one you’ve ever had, can teach you a lot about yourself, even if it doesn’t last for an extended amount of time.

Maybe you’ll get tagged in one photo or more on Facebook with someone who is just a friend, but your significant other insists that there is something more between you two.

People in relationships can get pretty jealous, especially if they’re far away from each other, and feel like they’ve lost all control.

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There are new rules, some of which are unspoken and not so obvious.

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