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People are always, while you're walking through a crowd, saying things.When you get to be my age, you can't hear most of them," he said.The mayor said he had no problem with the way the commissioner handled the confrontation with the boyfriend.

The woman, 30, works for a law firm around Wall St."So half the time I have no idea what they're talking about, and the answer is: If you have a complaint to write it, and we take every complaint seriously."In this case, I thought the Police Department did exactly what they should do." He added, "And I also point out that as far as I know, Greg Kelly's not been charged with anything. Kelly's lawyer, Andrew Lankler, had no comment beyond a statement he issued Wednesday saying his client denied "any wrongdoing of any kind, and is cooperating fully with the district attorney's avoid any conflict of interest - the right call, according to Mayor Bloomberg."Everyone has a right to have their complaints investigated," Bloomberg said Thursday.

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