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“We wanted to make sure we account for this culture and don’t give such people something to complain about.” The camp is not being held in a playground or sports field, but in a small, under-construction building with just one floor, naked light bulbs, no fans or bathrooms.However, it is ideal — even with the constant hammering and drilling — as it gives the girls a closed off space to train within, away from prying eyes.Qambrani started including Khadijah in those training sessions.A few days later, another girl showed up asking for training, having heard of Khadijah’s sessions.Protecting the players “Female boxers or pugilists take part in competitions all over the world, but ever since the Pakistan Boxing Federation was formed in 1948, we have never had a program for women,” explained SBA secretary Asghar Baloch. “This is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.” Baloch explained that any attempts to bring female players into sports like hockey, cricket, tennis or football have been met with fierce resistance.

She wanted to learn to box, but couldn’t find any club willing to teach her.

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When 17-year-old Anam, Hussain Qambrani’s niece, was asked to show off some moves for members of the media who had been invited to the ceremony, a cameraman asked her if she could take her scarf off. Hussain Qambrani was worried for the girl, but also wanted her to feel free, he said. Allah maalik hai (God will see what happens).’” Building the body and spirit “Our goal is very simple,” Asghar Baloch explained.

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