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Buy chciken costumes from one of the planets as presents for her. Forte: Loves Guns, loves forcing people to drink Volka and supports power. the best code ever to save moneythegreenback - gives 0000 at the beginning of the gamehinagirlsreturn - the galaxy girls all changed into hina girls characters~klacidmadegraphics - changes the graghics of the girls into really weird scribblings.

Milfeulle: Loves flowers, enjoy baking cakes and loves magic. Try for fun.ihateyourmom - play the game as the charater Mint-Cloneranpharoxmyjox - play the game as Ranpha-Clone That's all the cheat codes given now in standard mode...

They manage to break through the defensive line and damage the Black Moon which causes Prince Eonia to back off for now, turning it into a stalemate, although afterwards the Emblem Frames lose their wings and their power levels drop to below normal.

As the loyalist fleet gathers on the other side of Rhombe, Commodore Lufte takes command as everyone higher-ranking was MIA and presumed dead.

While attempting to meet up with the 3rd fleet stationed at Rhombe, the Elsior discovers destroyed remnants of the 3rd fleet and runs into a trap by Prince Eonia's main fleet.

While fighting the forces, they receive another message from the 3rd fleet with a new rendezvous point, after fighting their way through the enemy fleet to the rendezvous point, allied reinforcements arrive and force the enemy forces to retreat, Commodore Lufte having evaded enemy forces and reached the Rhombe System ahead of the Elsior.

Each of the Rune Angels has a connection to one of the Galaxy Angels, such as Apricot Sakuraba, the younger sister of Milfeulle Sakuraba.

Mint: Loves intelligence, jellybeans and dressing up in overly sized animal themed clothes. Cheatcodes:fuckthecredits - video of credits appearslapmybitchup - all fighting skills are given at the beginng of the gamenamethebitch - rename all the girlsigotabagofhair - 20 of each items in store at the beginning of teh game.

Still trying on the Hard Mode (50 Days)Game is good for wasting time.

is a bishōjo sci-fi/comedy anime, manga and dating sim series by Broccoli.

When Meyers refuses, Noah gets angry, says that she will make more and stronger ones, and runs off, disappearing just around the corner.

Shrugging the incident off, Meyers takes his chosen love with him to the ball, and while there Prince Eonia shows up with several soldiers to try and take Prince Shiva into his Custody, although Prince Shiva refuses.

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The second Galaxy Angel II game was released in October 2007 entitled Galaxy Angel II: Mugen Kairō no Kagi.