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Freecam malay

Sadly they were out of free Coke glasses, which you are supposed to received when ordering the Mc Float.

I received one of these in Singapore earlier in the year, so I wasn't so worried about it, plus I didn't want to worry about carrying it back home.

Originally, I hopped in the shortest queue, and slowly worked my way to the front, except when one lone woman a couple people in front of me reached the counter, she turned around, yelled something in Malay, and 4 additional women cut the queue and all joined her up front..make matters even worse, is that they all ordered and paid individually.

The two groups of Malay men between her and myself made any mention of it (but were all visibly annoyed) so I left it at that.

My girlfriend has a photo of me queuing because I was standing there for at least 15 minutes before I was able to place my order.

It seemed that everyone was ordering a Mc Float at the time, and there was a dedicated Mc Float maker to make them quickly, and she actually went over to him to confirm again, that it was indeed made with Coke Light.

Nice to see good, friendly service to accommodate my special request.

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