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For the i Phone 4, Face Time works as a feature within the Phone and Contacts apps.

On the i Phone, you'll need to activate Face Time in the phone settings before making any video calls.

Mr James posted the photo on Twitter, complaining: “This is the type of fan that comes to the emirates now..facetiming his Mrs for 47 minutes.” The 26-year-old told the Standard: “We sometimes laugh at some of the tourist fans that come along.

“Things like the selfie sticks and arriving half an hour late we get used to.

Because the i Pad 2 and i Pod touch don't have phone numbers, Face Time works differently on them than on the i Phone 4.

On those devices, Face Time is a standalone, pre-installed application.

Horrified Gunners season ticket-holder Joshua James took a snap of the loved-up fan during the club's 2-2 draw with Paris Saint-Germain on Wednesday night.

The who began chatting to the woman on the face-to-face mobile app at half time in the Emirates, and was still going at the final whistle.

Stuff like this doesn’t help.” Mr James’ post has been shared more than 1,000 times since he tweeted it on Wednesday night.But new technologies bring with them new etiquette: here are your dos and don’ts.Videocalling plays to our base narcissism, permitting the user to — technically — be hanging out with someone while really staring at himself in a mirror.Detective Sergeant Richard Pringle apparently told the inquest, at Gravesend Old Town Hall, Miss Carr had posted a Toy Story quote on social media, which said: “Do you ever feel like a broken toy no one wants to play with.” He said she had also posted a message saying she was “heartbroken” on Facebook.The court heard Miss Carr, who worked for Kent City Council, had struggled to come to terms with the death of her mother on New Years Day 2010 following a brutal attack by her lover the previous night.

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Andrew Gaffney was jailed for life for the murder of Maria Calaco, 50, who the court heard sustained injuries comparable to those of a car crash victim.

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