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Simply email me to set up a time that is convenient for both of us.I must mention as well, that when an order is received by phone, I must summarize our conversation and email it to you anyway, to establish a written record and ensure that the information is correct.

Thank you for checking out this site and buying from Select Aquatics- your purchase supports keeping these fish in the hobby.Extras are sent of most species fish to cover any that may be lost in shipment.So with a Fry Deal of 6 fish, for example, you are sent the 6 fish plus two extras, so you will receive 8 fish, unless stated otherwise.Considered threatened as are all the lateralis, the hobby is very fortunate to have this group of beautiful fish to work with. This species is one of the Ilyodon species known as the "trout" or "basslet" goodeid.These have started to breed out well, and young pairs are occasionally available. Ilyodon furcidens- .50 as adults, Fry Pack of 6- .00, A "Trout Goodeid" A colorful, beautifully marked larger goodeid that looks like a miniature U. This is a striking fish, and will look unlike anything else in your aquarium.

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Your participation contributes to maintaining populations of these beautiful animals that are disappearing from the wild, and from being maintained and bred by aquarists into the future. - These are doing well, with many for sale of all age groups.

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