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Facebook sex chat sex dating

He says his company's vision was "just to help introduce you to new people." "All we're doing is facilitating an introduction between two people," says Mateen.

"What they choose to do with that relationship is entirely up to them." Competitive market But it's not the only app of its kind on the market.

In a study conducted by Cambridge University in 2009, Badoo was given the lowest score for privacy among the 45 social networking sites examined.

Tinder is trying to create a different image - it doesn't want to be seen as a "sex satnav." "It's not similar to Badoo in any way," says Mateen.

It uses the same technology that financial firms use to verify people on the phone.

Since the 1990s Germany has used linguistics to verify people's claims of origin, now it wants to automate the process.She already had concerns that Tinder was seen by some as a casual sex app, rather than an app for people looking for a relationship. Called Internet.org, the effort brings together leading global technology firms."We were in the cinema and he basically was putting his hand on my leg and was making me feel uncomfortable..he really didn't seem to get the message." Productivity and getting-things-done apps are massively popular. () Pakistan's prime minister has decreed a crackdown on social media blasphemers in the Islamic Republic."Our users would never disclose their actual location. So for example it just says, 'the user is within one mile.'" The latest statistics from Tinder headquarters in Los Angeles shows its popularity.It now makes some two million matches per day and has 150 million profile ratings.

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