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*** “Is Hamster really going to leave her there like that all night? ” “Sure,” TRL said, placing his side of the banner down, TRL headed out of the room and towards the supply closet across the hall. ” A voice asked as he opened the supply closet door. ” TRL turned around to see a very scantily clad Alicia Keys approaching him. “Huh,” Alicia said, looking down at the step ladder.

*** IYG and Hamster tried their best to dodge the potholes in the street as they make their way to his ride. ” Hamster asked, kinda worried about leaving Lindsay tied up inside with even just the few perverts who were inside. I had to rent a U-Haul be able to get all this booze here,” IYG replied, looking through his pocket for his car keys. The vehicle came to an abrupt stop and the driver’s side window came down exposing the face of a grinning Rawballz. “Here’s a little something extra for your troubles,” he said as he tossed him an extra 0. But to tell you the truth, I can’t believe you’re flying solo tonight.” “Solo? She smiled at the two and then again disappeared downwards. But seriously, I want to make one thing clear, tonight is gonna be remembered by all of us who want to remember it and prolly quite a few of those who don’t. ” The Hummer whipped up onto the front lawn, taking a few clumps of grass out in the process. ” “Uh, no, not really,” TRL said turning back towards the closet and grabbing the step ladder out of it.

“I’ll leave another beer here for you in case you need to refill your bowl.” Putting one of the two remaining beers down next to her, Joe left to go see if Elisha or Amber had shown up yet. “Go get Raw and have him go get more whipped cream. Her feelings a little hurt, Jaime turned around to head to the back of the Hummer. I can’t wait to suck on your huge boobs tonight sometime, Jen,” Eva replied, panting the whole time.The two women rolled around in the grass, pulling, pushing, slapping… Raw ran to the front of the house and flung open the door. “I’m sorry, please come back, please, pretty please, pretty please with sugar on top.” “OK, OK, I’ll stay, just stop whining already,” Angelina replied and then began to laugh. “You bet your sweet ass I do,” IYG replied and he lowered his head towards the big juicy melons in front of him.He mouthed the words to Butch, who quickly turned on his mic and announced proudly, “CATFIGHT OUTSIDE!!! ” *** IYG had just entered his room on the 7th floor when he thought he heard something. “Hello there stranger.” IYG jumped in his spot, hitting his head against the window, “God damn it, what is it with people jumping up behind me today? IYG turned around to see Angelina standing in front of him, wearing one of the hotel robes. “So,” IYG began, “How may I be of service to you, kind madam? “Fine but this is the last time I’m doing this,” Angelina took a deep breath and recalled her lines, “In my womb I carried my avenger! “Yeah baby, you sure know how to make me hot,” IYG said as he moved towards Angelina. Angelina opened her robe to reveal her big breasts. Angelina moaned as IYG’s tongue found its way to her nipples.Reaching into the second set, he put on a record on one turntable and another record on another one. “Drink up,” Joe told Lindsay as he pulled a pack of smokes from his pocket. ” Lindsay asked, picking up the bowl to drink out of it. “I don’t know about you Hay,” said Hilary, “but I’ve always wanted to try this.” She hiked up her skirt to the appreciative whistles of the guys. She used her elbows to keep the skirt up and put the bottle between her legs. Lindsay knew the spray was coming but still squealed as she got showered in whip cream.He looked down and was quite happy his throwback Kellen Winslow Chargers jersey hadn’t gotten scratched in the move. Despite the dryness in his throat, he had to know if he could do it. “Dogs can’t lift their bowls like that,” Joe reminded her, shaking out a cigarette for her. He slumped in a chair and called Voodoo Joe to kill time. Haylie took the hint and raised her skirt to even more whistles as she didn’t bother with panties. Hilary took a couple of steps closer and said, “Wow, I didn’t know these things had that much cream.

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“You do know that this whole event is going to devolve into pretty much one big orgy before we’re done, right? “And don’t think I won’t be partaking in some of the fun – in fact, I’m tempted to go in there and lick some whip cream off Lindsay right now…” “Why do I sense a ‘but’ in there,” TRL said, stepping down off the step ladder. I don’t have anyone to kiss this year.” “Take your pick,” TRL said. With both hands, she grabbed Jen’s hair from behind and flung her to the ground.

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