Ethiopia dating men

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Ethiopia dating men

In other words, these men seem to be promoting egalitarian relationships, which have been shown to lead to better intimacy, companionship, and mutual respect within a couple. Trust came up in many of my conversations, perhaps because Ethiopian men often complain about women only looking for money and security.The men who told me such things were very modern and ahead of their time for Ethiopian society, but this was a promising glimpse of where the society is heading. But in a society where women are rarely financially independent, they must seek partners who have the ability to support offspring, a basic principle of the evolutionary perspective on relationships.

"If a couple loves each other and has trust, the rest is easy," one young man told me.Michelle Kaufman is a researcher who focuses on sexual behavior in the developing world.She globe trots regularly, engaging in ethnographic work all along the way in order to inform both the quantitative and qualitative research she conducts.But here are the words of wisdom on Ethiopian love that they passed on to me: 1. The most common response from these men was that you should try to look for someone who is similar to you—someone that is of the same religion, education level, financial status, and also has similar values and lifestyle.These men may not be relationship experts, but what they recommend is backed by research—couples that are similar on many of those key aspects tend to stay married.

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For those in rural areas, the man should not only be involved in farming, but also carry his weight with household chores and raising children.

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