Entourage deleted items not updating exchange

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Entourage deleted items not updating exchange

You MUST use the public folder server associated with your mailbox store.

This may be something you have to find out from your Exchange Administrator(s).

Clear the 'require 128 bit encryption' box (if checked) and clear the 'Require secure channel (SSL)' check box.

If the latter is not checked but the 128 bit box is you HAVE to check the SSL box to uncheck the 128 bit box then uncheck the SSL box. OK out of the dialogs and you should find it starts working. Remember that if you require SSL for the other sections of OWA you must have the DAV requires SSL check box checked in the Entourage exchange 'advanced' settings. The updated Entourage help describes a work-around for importing from Outlook by moving data back from the to the server and then downloading it in Entourage.

Finally, this worked for Free/Busy server: /public i.e.: myorg-pf01/public I did not need a trailing '/' as indicated in another thread.

NOTE: We have two administrative groups in our Exchange org and one is associated with PF server myorg-pf01 and the other with myorg-pf02.

Right click on the 'public' folder and open the Directory security tab.

Click 'Edit' on the 'Secure Communication' section.

LDAP doesn't accept authentication - If you are positive you are connecting to the right LDAP server and it isn't working in Entourage, it is possible your server doesn't require authentication and won't accept a connection if you try to authenticate to it. How do I access the Global Address Book on my Exchange server unless my IT department installs LDAP services on it?

Exchange 2000 depends on Active Directory being installed and on being able to communicate to the Active Directory using LDAP.

6) I am running Mac OS 10.2.6 and recently downloaded the update for Entourage to connect to an Exchange Server.

Then I go to Tools Directory Service and I see both of them there (the exchange one and the other standalone one). Search in the exchange one returns error " The directory service denied access.

Verify the authentication settings for this directory service." My settings for Authentication and port setting are all set the same here.

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If your OWA service requires SSL (and it should), then you need to check the box for "DAV service requires secure connection (SSL)" Once I had this, I could schedule meeting requests, invite others and see their Free/Busy time. We use HTTPS for exchange OWA access as do most people, however this (in its default configuration) was stopping the free/busy information from being retrieved with an error 1403 (scheduling data could not be found etc.) What I have done to get this to work is to disable secure access for the /public tree in the IIS (internet information services) MMS panel on Windows server 2000.