Emma and spinner of degrassi dating

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Hey, is that Muslim Girl doing jumping jacks behind Manny? This episode is going to give us so many awesome Spinner quotes.

Meanwhile, Spinner is enjoying a tasty banana while Jimmy asks Ellie out on a date. For instance, in this scene, he says, "All I know is that I ate some health food, and now I'm, like, the Sex Superman." Hell yeah!

Thirteen actors are added to the , while fourteen cast members have either left the series or been dropped from the main cast to recurring roles. Episodes were repeated on CTV's sister cable speciality network, , on Tuesdays at p.m.

The season focuses heavily on the new generation of students at , although it included storylines about those who have graduated and gone on to university. In the United States, the season began on 10 October 2008 and aired in its usual timeslot on Fridays at p.m. Unlike seasons six and seven, which premiered in the US, "Uptown Girl Part One", this season's premiere episode, was broadcast in Canada first, with "Uptown Girl Part Two" airing a week later; in the US, however, both parts aired together as an hour-long special.

Joining the main cast are Sam Earle, Jordan Hudyma, Judy Jiao, Argiris Karras, , and Evan Williams as (9 episodes), (6 episodes), (8 episodes), (9 episodes), (11 episodes), (15 episodes) and (10 episodes).

Raymond Ablack, Jajube Mandiela, , Scott Paterson, , and Natty Zavitz as (19 episodes), (12 episodes), (17 episodes), (7 episodes), (12 episodes), and (12 episodes) were promoted after recurring in the previous seasons.

You see, if you are doing an experiment and the test subjects give unusual results, it's their fault and not yours. The boys then go to the bathroom, where JT proceeds to spoon Toby. As far as I can recall, this is the only time in the entire history of Degrassi when Emma and Spinner have ever talked to one another, and is possibly the only time they have even been in the same scene. Spinner yells at Emma "Your health food unleashed the beast within! What an awesome name for an erectionthe beast within. Emma is upset she won't get to spend more time around Spinner's boner. I bet he can talk Toby into those surgically installed. That's all she does to change her project, so I don't know why she makes such a big damn deal about it. I think that handsome photo of Spinner in her display had something to do with it. Boy, if both Muslim Girl and Wheelchair Girl are in the same episode, consider your face rocked. I chose this screenshot of Emma accepting her award because it kind of looks like Emma has down syndrome here, and those people are funny.It's a good thing they decided to get back together as soon as this spinoff series started. Emma, though, is bothered that her creepy teacher is sticking it to her whore of a mother.The next day, Emma is working on her science fair project, which is about how eating health food is good for you. Instead of going to school dances from now on, you're going to have to stay home and look at porn on the net.As well as airing on television, the season's episodes were also on the websites of CTV and The N, and registered users of the Canadian and US can purchase and download the season for playback on home computers and certain .Production for the season began in May 2008 at ' studios in , and were completed in late October 2008.

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