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She thanks him for the food and rushes off, and he screams out for her to be careful as she shoots across the street.

Back home, he’s online, looking at all the messages he’s sent Yang Yang already.

Yang Yang is upset about that, and the two get into an argument about money.

She thinks that he looks down on her job and thinks little of coins and loose change.

He comes up to the two and laughs along with them—and they stop laughing and glance at each other and then him. He breaks the silence by saying he’s there to deliver bento boxes.

Yang Yang tells her sister she has to go to work and runs off, leaving Tian Kuo to ask Xiao Peng for Yang Yang’s name in sign-language.

There ends up being a fire in the neighborhood but she doesn’t see the alarm, so she doesn’t get help until the firefighters come.

As Tian Kuo is paid and leaves, he sees Yang Yang crash her motorcycle.

She’s scratched up, so he insists on driving her to the hospital before she returns to work.

Upset by their judgments of Yang Yang, he throws down a bunch of coins to pay for his meal and leaves.

At his family’s restaurant, his parents can tell that he’s upset about something, so the mom sends the dad in to talk with Tian Kuo.

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The first time I saw you, you reminded me of a great white heron…

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