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Diaci x viadios

The reported standard deviation is 2.3 mm in position and 0.47° in orientation.The second 2D camera based technique uses a template tracking algorithm that automatically extracts neck angles from sagittal videos [].The rotations in the sagittal and transverse plane were calculated employing the location of the laser illumination.The rotation in the coronal plane was calculated from protractors.This paper presents a novel method that enables the measurement of the head posture relative to the trunk.The method has been developed with the aim of characterizing the effects of cervical dystonia, a disease which affects the patient’s head posture and the range of movement as well as their quality of life in many other ways [].The main effects on the head posture are the head lateral tilt in the body’s coronal plane (laterocollis), head rotation in transversal plane (torticollis) and flexion (anterocollis) or extension (retrocollis) in the body’s sagittal plane.Most patients suffer from a combination of two or more effects [].

The built-in camera flash was used as a light source.The systems are also usually quite large and difficult to transport.Other weakness of the above mentioned methods is impossibility to distinguish between the head rotations caused by the neck and the rotations caused by the torso twisting, because the torso rotations are not monitored.The presented method utilizes optical 3D measurements of the upper trunk and head to measure these effects.The relative rotation of the head with respect to the trunk is calculated from the alignment of the trunk and head measurements to the reference one.

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An innovative handheld 3D apparatus has been developed for non-invasive and fast 3D shape measurements.

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