Desi maza kerala style

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Chana Aur Khatte Pyaaz Ka Murgh Recipe by Chef Nimish Bhatia Chicken morsels cooked with pickled onions in a luscious gravy made with chickpeas. 'Dum' is a slow cooking method brought in by the Mughals.Food is cooked in a 'handi', the lid sealed with flour and on low heat. Amritsari Murgh Makhani Recipe by Chef Aditya Bal Chicken is a Punjabi cuisine favorite.Here's the recipe of one of it's most prized dishes.Boneless chunks of chicken lathered with a rich, buttery gravy of cream, tomatoes and spices. Teekha Murg Recipe by Chef Meraj Ul Haque For all the spice fans!Tender chicken spiked with fiery masalas, cooked in mustard oil with the tang of tomatoes to balance the flavours.3.A family favorite, serve with a generous squeeze of lime.5.

I hope you enjoy cooking recipes from our website where the sole effort is to make cooking simple for you.When you try out one of our recipes, we are longing to hear back from you.Do take your time to come back and share your comments, as your feedback means a lot to us.Kerala Kootu Curry Recipe is a very traditional north Kerala dish that is made from Yellow Pumpkin cooked along with Desi Channa or Black Eyed Beans and spiced with coconut.When I first had this dish in an ayurvedic restaurant I fell in love with it.

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Murg Malaiwala Recipe by Chef Marut Sikka Chicken drumsticks laced with delicate flavors of cream, milk, saffron, rose petals and mild spices.4.

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