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But talking with other women who stutter has given me a model for speaking that doesn't necessarily involve a smooth, spontaneous voice.

Their beautiful voices, along with people like Lorelai Gilmore, who could talk to anyone, were my models for many years—once I could speak like them, after enough speech therapy or whatever it took, I would go out into the world and talk my way into any situation I wanted.

The way that women talk is obviously subject to some scrutiny—take the recent essays about vocal fry and uptalk—and having a speech-language disability adds another layer of critique to that.

Growing up with a mother whose speech was what her friend described as "immaculate," I understood that women should be pleasing in conversation.

I argue that it's probably because of my stutter, but he's not convinced.

"I really do think you're holding something back," he says.

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You can also decrease your stuttering since you don’t end up speaking a lot. If the reason for your stuttering is your great fear, then it’s high time to learn how to control it.

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