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However, if you try to build a relationship based on your need and desire to change your partner's behavior, you're on a detrimental and destructive path.Many women are under the false impression that they can fix a bad boy's tendencies and mold him into the caring, considerate, and committed person they want him to be.So if you're continually dating these unattainable bad boys, you're actually sabotaging any chance of developing a real relationship by deliberately picking and pursuing men you know are wrong for you.And while this approach may help you avoid the stressors, anxiety, and risk of heartbreak that are associated with long-term relationships, this kind of commitment phobia can prevent you from truly connecting with a man in a meaningful way that's both physically and emotionally intimate and fulfilling.While it may seem a bit ironic, the way to stop continually dating narcissists is to finally put yourself in a position where you're able to focus on your own needs, wants, and desires.On the flip side, many women find themselves liking a bad boy as a way to break free from their monotonous relationship history.

Further, a study in the revealed that having low-self esteem can actually lower relationship satisfaction for both you and your partner.In many cases, women end up falling for men who are unable to commit because these women are actually afraid of commitment themselves.And by being with bad boys who refuse to settle down, these women avoid the risk of getting hurt because they already know from the outset of their relationship that their time together will be short-lived.But it's important to keep in mind that the best indicator of a man's future behavior is his past behavior, so if you're hoping to tie the knot with a man who's consistently shown that he doesn't want to be tied down, you're hitching your wagon to a man who doesn't want to get hitched.Not surprisingly, men don't want to be in long-term romantic relationships with women who want to change them, so now's the time to stop looking for your next bad boy to fix and learn to accept a man for who and what he truly is.

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Plus, confidence is incredibly sexy, and self-assured bad boys often ooze a kind of sex appeal that keeps women intrigued.

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