Dating very intelligent men

Posted by / 05-Feb-2017 11:28

If you are trying to improve your life with women, or improve at anything for that matter, try this principle. Men spend so much time in their left, logical reasoning brain, trying to figure out what to say and do or what’s going on in the woman’s mind. Much of the time she can’t figure out what’s going on in her own mind either. Women are not attracted to guys when they are in their left brain. You need to connect with a woman at the emotional level before you can connect with her at the physical level. Let your social energy build by keeping out of your left brain.

The # 1 problem the majority of my clients face with women is not a lack of looks, height, hair or success. You must stay out of your left brain if you want to succeed with women.

The man who would buy everyone drinks, knows how to be a gentleman and has been to Asia kind of man.

The kind of man that when she tell her friends, To my friends who may be able to offer some type of solace. I prefer ambitious women who have not become complacent with their situation.

Most of the guys I coach can improve their success with women five fold, if they just eliminate or improve two or three crucial things.

Recently a friend of mine tagged me in Facebook in a note, one of my least favorite things.

The Pareto principal (aka The 80/20 Rule) says that 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts.

This applies to improving your life with women, every bit as much as it does in business or economics.

And these are all I want them to focus on for the next 3 months. You need to get into your social and creative right brain and stay there.

They are not used to people listening to anything they say. I have got so good at one skill, eye contact, that I can stop beautiful girls dead in their tracks just by “laser beaming” them with my eyes.

Just yesterday, a girl walking towards me stumbled on the pavement, tripping over her own shoes.

The reality of being picky in today’s dating market is that; many people just can’t afford to be if they contribute less value than who they desire. We all have family issues, money issues, school issues, work issues, etc., but beyond that I don’t have time for baby mamas, baby daddies, children, and all other nonsense. By the way if you have any of the latter, I’m not interested. I’m sick and tired of meeting women who have preconceived notions and stereotypes about black men.

You can’t buy a Bentley with Honda money so if you aren’t a qualified buyer you need to get your ass off the lot. I like to be with a woman who has a sense of style, who looks good, if not for herself, than for me. I wasn’t born in the hood, I am not from the hood, I’m not going to the hood, and I have nothing to do with the hood. I’m not in the mood for a confrontation; I’m in the mood for a conversation.

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Most intelligent men are so stuck in their heads because they try to work on a whole bunch of things at once.