Dating someone different social class

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Dating someone different social class

Her family is in a very bad economic situation since about three years ago, and this has caused them to be involved in a legal mess, too.Their other children (not including Lisa) have bad manners, are poor students, and often get into trouble (or barely manage to escape it).Many couples successfully balance their cultural differences by teaching each other about their respective cultures, respecting each other's customs and ideas, and choosing which practices and attitudes they would like to incorporate into their homes.

While I have always been welcome in Lisa's house, she is seen by my family as someone who is "not worthy of their son." I try to evaluate Lisa as an individual and not necessarily "one of them," to find merit in her actions, and to avoid falling into the trap of judging her by others.

Then there’s the practical life advice of Brooklyn’s Susannah Mushatt Jones, who turned 116 in July and suggested not “drinking, smoking, or partying” to achieve her elderly status.

Dear Rosie & Sherry, Your column continues to amaze me and I enjoy opening my homepage to look for your insights every time! Almost four years ago I began dating my fiancee, "Lisa." Our relationship continued normally, but as I got to know her family, many of their attitudes and ways of raising children began to sound alarms for me.

Even people who come from the same cultural background and same economic class have to integrate the different ways their families have dealt with different attitudes about earning, spending and saving money, educational and career expectations, attitudes to child raising, sharing household responsibilities, involvement in the community, whether you can expect financial help from parents, and what kind of financial help you will give your own children when they are older.

Your own situation is compounded by the fact that you and Lisa come from different social classes.

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