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This service is very helpful when you are planning to come soon and want to arrange meetings with ladies in advance. American man, 52 y.o., weight 76kg, height 182cm, active, intelligent, responsible, business owner, serious, loving, with child desires to meet lady of 28-35 years for marriage with pretty appearance, morals and kind soul who wants a good husband and nice life.

You may use a live speech interpreter's service when you are in Ukraine. Usually interpreters are needed in the first hour or so for the lady to feel safe with you at first and get maximum facts about each other.

The further correspondence should be paid, please read E-mail forwarding for more information about email correspondence.

Arrangement of one introduction meeting costs 400 UAH (~37 euros) (paid in UAH according to the current rate).

2 - way ( you and lady ) conversation costs per 20 minutes.( minimum order) We tell you the time when your lady can be at the office and you call our office number and speak with her on your own with minimum help of the manager if needed.

We confirm conversation with photos of the lady speaking with you.

3 - way (you, lady, interpreter) phone conference costs per 20 minutes.

( minimum order) We tell you the time when your lady can be at the office and you call our office number and get connected with 2 lines.

These videos are uploaded to some storage in Internet for you to download it.For the first meeting, if the lady doesn't speak your language only our interpreter is allowed to help with translations.soon and want to arrange meetings with women in advance we suggest you to write to ladies you liked one introduction letter and they will be shown your pictures and information and they will send you reply if they liked you.We recalculate account, it will depend on the amount of letters and inform about the account status periodically .If you want to decorate your letter with the box of candies or some rose please look at Flowers, gifts delivery section .

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Using this account man can write to as many ladies as he wants.