Dating people you work with

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Dating people you work with

"Save it for your family or friends outside work." Talking about the relationship can be distracting or make colleagues feel uncomfortable, so don't do it. "It's hard enough today to concentrate with open office spaces, a plethora of technology devices, frantic deadlines, multiple bosses, and so on," says Taylor. What happens at home or in your personal life (no matter who you're dating) almost always affects your attitudes, which impacts your work — it's just a fact of life.

"Add to that two lovers fighting over doing dishes in the next cube and you have one unhappy coworker, who you may catch sauntering to HR." Also, it's entirely unprofessional to complain about your personal relationships at work, whether you're dating a colleague or not. But try your hardest not to let your disagreements with your partner affect the decisions you make or how your treat others at work. "Spend your time as if you are not dating this person," advises Taylor. Check the company handbook to find out if there are any policies related to interoffice relationships. "Employees are generally encouraged to report incidents of sexual harassment or events that create a hostile work environment," says Taylor.

If not, it’s time to get a career that doesn’t require such slavish devotion. But at 2 dates a year, my friend, that won’t happen until 2018.

The greatest invention in the world for busy people who are looking for love is . Yet somehow, in the dating field, everyone seems to think that love should just happen organically. And online dating is useless unless you have time to get away from your job or your 14-month-old baby for a few hours. You are in an impossible position as it currently stands.

Yet the most common complaint I get is that “it takes too much time and effort”. Which is why you have to make a fundamental shift that creates more life balance.

This is not to say that you should be any less devoted a father.

But you owe it to yourself, your daughter, and your sanity to lead a life that does not eat up all of your free time. Despite the fact that love is more important than anything, we maintain the mindset that work comes first.

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Focus on work and do your job — especially if you want to mitigate gossip.