Dating out of loneliness

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That’s the hardest type of all, and the subject of this article.

That’s why it goes along with loneliness and people call it loneliness, but it’s not exactly the same as loneliness. That horrible feeling that you are flawed and not the same as everyone else? As an adult you need to recognize this and argue with these old tapes.

You can’t stand your own company without distractions because you don’t like yourself. Just being in the proximity of other humans does not cure loneliness. Going to bars and engaging in superficial chit-chat doesn’t cure loneliness.

They may even dread turning off the light to go to sleep at night, and procrastinate on that.

Chronically lonely people often have an almost phobic reaction to being by themselves.

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If you’re chronically lonely, what you lack is authentic connections with other human beings, and generally that’s because you block these connections by not sharing your authentic self. People who are chronically lonely almost always have as a core problem that they don’t like themselves very much.

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