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Most coffee shops have internet available so you can surf the net or watch You Tube together. Research a few recipes to use what you pick together. Just pick enough for a couple of pies or a lovely cobbler. If you know someone in a local production, ask about tickets to dress rehearsals. For a little bit of effort helping people find their seats you get to see the show for free. Pick something that suits your level of expertise or do something challenging you’ve never made before. You could also get a bar tending recipe book and open it to random pages. Find a show that interests both of you and plan a marathon session.

Museums sometimes have days where admission is reduced or even free! You can also go to a local observatory for an up close and personal look at the stars. Spring through fall you can go to your local farms that offer “U-pick” and come away with a bounty on the cheap. Make or purchase pizza dough and gather some traditional pizza toppings and each create your specialty pizza. Add a bottle of chianti and some romantic Italian music . Add to the challenge by limiting the number of ingredients or choosing ingredients for each other. Look up some fancy drink recipes and make some that look especially good.

Sometimes dance studios offer free first classes for ballroom dance. Take turns making up stories about the people you see. Next, head to a car lot and test drive your dream car.

It’s a great first date to learn something together because it takes the pressure off having to make conversation. Check out Home Depot or Lowe’s for DIY classes, check your local library and community center. Find fun books you can both enjoy then cuddle up and read together. Perhaps you both enjoy architecture, or travel, or theater or cooking, or health and fitness. Plus – it gives you an excuse to whisper in each other’s ear. Head downtown, to the airport or shopping mall – anywhere there’s a steady stream of people. Or give people titles from high school yearbooks; most likely to succeed, most popular, most artistic. A date is no time to damage your karma with negativity. – call your local beauty school and offer to be models. You can get your eye brows waxed and he can get his beard and moustache trimmed. Start by visiting open houses in expensive neighborhoods.

But if the recession has put a damper on your disposable income don't despair - it needn't take the fun out of your love life.

Above all, this means you should avoid haggling, asking for a discount, showing your coupons, telling your date that you're worried about money, or complaining about the cost!

Hold hands and be inspired by art, history or science. If you want to get to know someone while you make special memories – here’s how! Check your local food pantry, soup kitchen, animal shelter, church or favorite charity. Go for a walk or bring a blanket and pillows and make a wish on every shooting star. This recipe can get you started: My pizza is better than your pizza night. This is best when your cupboards are bare as Mother Hubbard’s.

This is especially easy if you live near a college. Choose a night with no moon, find a place with dark skies and dress warmly. See who can make the best dish with what you already have in the fridge and pantry.

Finish up by going to an expensive restaurant, take a seat at the bar and splurge on one glass of Champagne (check the price first! Then go home, change into something comfortable and have pizza and beer and thankful for the life you have. Brush up on your constellations and look up at the night sky.

The trick is walking in like you own the place, just don’t get carried away and try to actually own the place!

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  2. And while you certainly can find a so-called “match” using an app like Tinder, there are scores of dating apps geared toward the gay and bisexual community, each of which flaunts its own set of features and quirks that make it unique.