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Dating istanbul turkey omur man

The numerous museums scattered around the city of Istanbul just add appeal and attraction for western tourists.

History can be seen reflecting from every corner of Istanbul and on almost every spot you find yourself standing near a museum and enjoying the amazement of the historical museums within just 10 minutes of walk.

Beautiful women of Istanbul are the biggest attraction of the city and it is natural that tourist from all over the world particularly from west come to Istanbul looking forward to get involved in a romantic relationship with the women in this region.

However in Turkey, it’s very important for western men to know everything about Turkish women to start a relationship with them so they can enjoy their dates with them without getting hurt or hurting the feelings of the women here.

Women in this part of the world only go for the long, safe and respectable relationships and are very careful while choosing a western partner.

Tourist however get attracted to the extreme beauty of Turkish women and get involved in the long and romantic relationship which most of the time end up in marriage.

In Istanbul, most of the women know the art of cooking Turkish dishes and love to feed their family and friends.

Cleanliness is the basic principle of every house in Istanbul whether it is poor or very rich and the credit goes to their women.

But one of the biggest attractions of Turkey is their extremely beautiful women.2.4 million Tourists were reported of visiting the Istanbul city in year 2000 and 11.6 million tourists in 2012.These great numbers made it world's most visited city on fifth number.Istanbul receives most of its tourists from European side.Istanbul holds seventy museums for its tourists who are interested in ancient civilizations and history. Palace Museum and the Hagia Sophia being the most visited museums alone bring the revenue of million each year.

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It is very important for a western man to go very slowly and politely with girls in Istanbul who keep their Turkish traditions very dear because they are habitual of being treated with utmost respect.