Dating in the international church of christ

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Dating in the international church of christ

As a result, the full picture is hidden, and it is impossible to make a truly informed decision about the church without seeking outside information.

Since most of the ICC's target audience are college age Generation X'ers and the youngest of the Baby Boomer age group, most ICC recruiters can be found canvassing prospective members in colleges across the nation.

It currently is enjoying phenomenal growth is one of the fastest growing spiritual movements in Western civilization.

ou may be enrolled at a major university or educational institution and have encountered the invitations to learn about the "cutting edge" that God is calling you to join.

Crossroads was a traditional Church of Christ, but it introduced what has become known as "shepherding" or "discipling" methods in it's educational program.

Leaders would also make heavy use of scare tactics to ensure obedience, giving intrusive orders on how members should act that have nothing to do with spiritual matters.After being fired from a traditional Church of Christ in the late 70s, Mc Kean moved to Lexington, Massachusetts and started the Boston Church of Christ.Applying the discipling techniques Mc Kean had learned at Crossroads, the Boston church grew rapidly.Examples include the "Chicago Church of Christ" and the "Detroit Church of Christ." but can also include much more exclusively titled examples such as the "Knoxville Church", as found here in East Tennessee.Their strong claim of non-denominationalism, in conjunction with the fact that there are many other mainstream Churches of Christ who are also non-denominational helps to confuse the issue even further.

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The friendships and opportunities for wholesome Christian fellowship is certainly a positive alternative to the sex, drugs and rock n' roll party scene of campus social life.

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