Dating ibanez serial number

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The serial number consists of a letter and six digits.The letter represents the month of manufacture; the next two digits are the year of manufacture: the remaining five digits have an unknown meaning, if any.

I'm having trouble getting a handle on dating a guitar by serial number.

I'm writing this guide because I'm a collector of Ibanez guitars (mostly vintage electric models) and I'm sick and tired of coming across guitars that are obviously made by other Japanese sellers (because they are branded) or no-brand guitars that the sellers attribute to being "Ibanez" guitars.

I'm sure that much of the time, the sellers simply don't understand there is no connection between their guitar and Ibanez-branded guitars, but in other instances, the sellers simply don't care and throw in the "Ibanez" keyword to spam the listing and attract more viewers.

So anything you can tell me will be helpful in resolving this dilemma.thanks again for taking the time to read this letter.sincerely "[email protected]" I've been searching for this info myself, all i've found so far is- In dating Ibanez guitars made before 1987 ..

the first letter is the month ( A is Jan., B is Feb, C is March..etc) the next two numbers are the year ..

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