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Dating hamilton playing cards

Louis, Aviator playing cards (stock 914) feature a bordered, monotone back design of predominantly circles.

They are lower-quality and less expensive compared to Bee and Bicycle cards and are available in the same general assortment of back colors, card sizes, and configurations.

The French style cards are similar to the US version of playing cards as they share the same suit pattern. The actual card sizes tend to be wider than the northern Italian cards, but are still a little smaller than their US counterparts.

Salzburger The German style decks are primarily used in the Province of Bolzano.

While the cards sold to the public carried the unique scrollwork, Aristocrat also produced the "Club Special" line of Aristocrat cards specifically for casinos.

Genovisi, Lombarde, Piemontesi, and Toscane The French style decks are primarily used in the north western half of the country.

As you may know, the Modiano brand is synonymous with quality and excellence, mainly due to its rich 140 year history producing and manufacturing some of the best playing cards in the world.

But what you may not know is that Modiano is also a leading manufacturer of Italian Playing Cards as well.

A game of Scopa or Briscola will play the same no matter which regional deck you choose!

Triestine, Trevigiane, Bergamasche, Belot, and Bresciane The Northern Italian Playing Card decks are primarily played in the north eastern portion of the country.

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The actual card sizes tend to be narrow relative to other regions and especially narrow compared to traditional US playing cards.