Dating female searching for rep du congo

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Dating female searching for rep du congo

Eye contact is normal especially in less formal contacts; basically, it is the same as in Canada. People can easily get into screaming matches in a market.

Displays of affection in public are not really common, except in nightclubs and bars, where it is more acceptable. An arm around a shoulder or holding hands is acceptable for same and opposite sexes. It doesn’t earn you any respect but people won’t hold it against you.

The first conversation can be structured around names.

People may not tell you their name if you do not ask for it, but it is always best to first give your name.

Size (even to the point of being overweight) is a sign of good health and mentioning it is even taken as a compliment.

When something is not right, it will show on their face and in their tone of voice. The more official the communications, the more distance there is.

At an official first contact you shake hands and stay at least at arms- length.

Too much praise may not be well received in the end, but compliments are always welcome.

Constant eye contact can intimidate the person with whom you are speaking and may be seen being impolite, particularly when speaking with superiors.

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They tend not to show a great deal of emotion about this, as it can be quite a common occurrence. Your clothes do not necessarily need to be the latest fashion, but they should be classics: a button-down shirt done up and tucked in your pants is acceptable.

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