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From days of the ancient Greeks, Arabians, Romans and Egyptians, slaves were often marked as property with a small brand by their owner.

The practice has continued in slave owning countries around the world.

Most brands are based on the owner's or the ranch's initials.

They may be a symbol, letter, number, character or combinations of connected or separate figures.

An electronic animal ID system has been the passion of USDA for over 18 years.

Scenes of oxen being branded on hieroglyphics are depicted on Egyptian tombs as early as 2,700 BC.Hot iron branding animal ID, for proof of title, has not changed for over 5,000 years.The book of Zechariah records this process in chapter 3 verse 2, "a brand plucked out of the fire." On a darker side of history, the use of a hot iron as proof of ownership went beyond cattle to an area people today prefer not to think about, the ID branding of human beings.Texas, not to be outdone, claims over 230,000 registered brands on the books.Successfully applying a clear distinct ID brand requires the recipient to be still.

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Simple brand codes may reveal to the owner information like pedigrees, year of birth, or ranch division where born.

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