Dating approach anxiety

Posted by / 22-Oct-2015 15:49

My friends and I would often stand in bars for hours, trying to overcome our approach anxiety and start talking to women.

Drink after drink, hour after hour – nothing would happen. Personally, I was unsure what to say to a woman and how to get her interested in me right away.

After I found some conversation starters online, I thought, “Well, sure you can use a great conversation starter to kick things off, but then what? ” I hated all the anxiety that I used to feel about approaching.

But, as an empowering tool you can begin utilizing today and for the rest of your life – to understand yourself on a deeper level – and to take your confidence to a whole new level!

I remember when I first started learning about approaching women, even the THOUGHT of approaching a woman would make me tense and anxious.

I would feel sick to the stomach and doubt that I could approach without feeling nervous, getting rejected or losing more confidence in myself.

I felt as though everyone was watching my every move and if I made a mistake, people would laugh and snigger behind my back.

What I eventually realized is that no-one actually cares about you, me or the next guy.

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I saw women on the train on my way to work, when out with friends in a bar, at sporting events and in all sorts of public situations.