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Dating amt model kits

Yes, you can find them from certain US vendors, but the prices can vary as some companies just buy them at the yen price and mark them up as though the yen price is considered wholesale (making such kits even MORE expensive).Best place to get those kits for the best prices IMHO are or Fine Molds kits are consistently the best (all their products are well molded for what they are), but some of them can be a little on the pricey side (or in the 1/72 Millennium Falcon kit's case, very expensive).So if you are operating on a budget, that is something to keep in mind.I'd like to start with X-wing and Y-wing but ultimately would like to build up a millennium falcon, tydirium shuttle and star destroyer. Can i just ask you something quickly please, perhaps I'm getting a little carried away and over excited but I've found a Star Destroyer with optic lights for 80 made my AMT Ertl. I'm new to this and don't want to be ripped off on first purchase. I would not spend the extra money on the FO version.

Another obsticle is Fine Molds kits are technically only available in Japan.

With that being said, you do not have a lot of options for a SD model.

You have the large Randy Cooper resin kit, the slightly smaller Anigrand kit, then the AMT kit and finally a half dozen palm sized and smaller resin kits.

The first plastic models were manufactured at the end of 1936 by Frog in the UK, with a range of 1/72nd scale model kits called 'Penguin'.

In the late 1940s several American companies such as Hawk, Varney, Empire, Renwal and Lindberg began to produce plastic models.

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I've been having a look around and it seems that Fine Molds is one of the most detailed brands.

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