Dating ad images

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Dating ad images

Avoiding the selfie is especially important if you're a man.

Also, consider posting some shots of you in action — kayaking, biking, playing tennis, etc.5. It's been said the eyes are the window to the soul, which is why you shouldn't hide behind your shades.People want to look into your eyes to see who you really are.6. Most men (like most women, by the way) make a snap decision based on the photo.Make an effort to look the best you can behind the lens.Scientists believe that this might be because we show more emotion on that side of the face.Smile (if you're a woman)An Ok Cupid analysis of more than 7,000 photos showed that woman who smiled and batted their eyes directly at the camera tended to get the most messages.

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(Disclaimer: Some data has shown the opposite to be true, so take this with a grain of salt.) To the left, to the left A Wake Forest University study determined that photos that showed the left side of the face were viewed as more pleasant than those that showed the right.

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