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But you don't speak for everyone- I'm in an open relationship, and my boyfriend and I have no trouble with separating love and sex.It IS possible, and it CAN work- for some people, just not all.You can’t very well keep dating both of them if you do happen to have more feelings for one. Remember, playing the field a little bit is never going to hurt anyone, as long as you are up front and honest.

Far from a prude, I think this only really "works" when there is nothing emotional at stake. I don't think anyone would call you a prude for feeling that way; your heart works the way it works.

Well hopefully your partners would be as judgemental as you are.

Let me guess, you are probably the type to sleep with a woman on the first date, then consider her easy because she did the same thing you Know you asked for women responding, see that men are speaking thier mind in my 20's--yes, 2 men,1 women yes, 2 women,1 man yes, 3 women,1 man yes,3 men,1 womanvery enjoyable experiences, yes there were adult beverages involved,lol Dont recall msg#'ssomeone asked why males dont touch each other, [homophobia]women are not raised to have same homophobic issues as men.

Back to the original topic, I love being with more than one guy at a time. And to guys who think women who do threesomes are a turn me!

Just a few weeks ago at a swing party, I had the chance to be with THREE guys. Makes no difference, since I won't ever be WANTING to date you, anyway.

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Separating sex from a relationship, in my eyes (and my heart) is possible only when there is no relationship at stake.

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