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Checked Then If Not bln0Load Performed Then bln0Load Performed = True Nullify System(DM, cmb Output Unit. Value) Then Check Error Status("Previous row has no output value! The Value of the cell hasn't actually changed when Cell Validating is raised because the contents hasn't yet been validated so might not be accepted.

Value = 0 Then 'This is the 0 Load row If cbo Tare. Value = str Cell Value End If Process Message: Catch ex As Exception EH. If you want to format the cell then, not surprisingly, you handle the Cell Formatting event.

Row Index End If Case 3 'This is the Output column If e. Text, 0), g Load Decimal Places) Else If row IDX 0 And Is Nothing(c DGV. Text, s Load Amt), g Load Decimal Places) End If End If End Select c DGV. How could the Value have changed if doing so would break that binding?

Column Index Case 2 'This is the Load Value column If e. Text) End If End If str Cell Value = Get Decimal Places(get Output Null(Real Read Mode, cmb Output Unit. ", e) bln Error = True Else s Load Amt = Get Load Amount(col IDX - 1, row IDX) str Cell Value = Get Decimal Places(get Output(Real Read Mode, cmb Output Unit. What if the column was bound to a numeric property and the input wasn't numeric?

Be careful that if a user does a copy and paste into a control it bypasses the validation check.

It doesn't actually look like formatting is what you're doing anyway.

Very often, users will input data into the individual cells in the control. To ensure that the error message goes away when the correct data is entered, service the Cell End Edit event, as follows: Private Sub Data Grid View1_Cell End Edit( _ By Val sender As Object, _ By Val e As System. Cell End Edit '---clear the error message--- Data Grid View1.

If you want, you can lock the entire Data Grid View control: Validating Users' Edit A common use of the Data Grid View control is for data entry. If not, an error message is displayed on the leftmost column of the Data Grid View control (set via the Error Text property). The error must be corrected before the user can switch to the other cells. Data Grid View Cell Event Args) _ Handles Data Grid View1.

In this case, you need to add a Combo Box to the cells in the desired column.

The following code snippet adds a Combo Box control to the fifth column of the Data Grid View control: '---add columns to the Data Grid View control--- Data Grid View1.


In order to achieve this, you need to perform two things: - the Drop Down Stype property of the Combo Box editing control needs to be set to Drop Down. - ensure that the value that the user typed into the cell is added to the combo box items collection.