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Cynthia cindy phillips dating game

She introduces herself to Alison and compliments her scarf.

At her locker, Sydney tells Emily that someone left a rat in Paige's locker after practice. When Emily asks who did it, Sydney tells her no one has fessed up, and the coach wants a team meeting, but Sydney doesn't think it was someone on the Sharks as everyone loves Paige.

At the Pizzeria in town, Sydney, Emily and Paige are grabbing some food to eat.

Emily first notices Sydney staring at her by the staircase at Rosewood High and later again at the lockers.This article centers around a new student at Rosewood High.For another version check out Sidney Barnes, the Rosewood district attorney who informs Ashley Marin that all charges against her have been dropped.In "Miss Me x 100", it was revealed that Sydney is part of Mona's army, along with Jenna.In "How the 'A' Stole Christmas", it was revealed that Sydney, along with Jenna, are a part of Alison's new group of followers.

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