Cousin dating ex college ki larki sy mazy adult kahani

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We have been seperated for about two years now and divorced for about four months! i have an amazing man now who would never touch me or hurt to make matters even more awkward.

long story short he was abusive which is why I left him... she has just moved into my parents guest house/granny flat...

i even read a post where my ex wrote "i think I've got my life set with (insert w**** bag of a cousins name)"...

but im thinking they've been keeping it quiet for a while.

We have a 3yrs age gap and even tho we broke up we didn’t stop seeing and talking to each other until he suddenly stop texting January of this year.. But since I loved her and looked up to her so much I congratulated her even though thats not what i truly felt.

I was sad, lonely and depress at the same time because I gave him everything and he was everything to me but it wasn’t the same for him.. and she responded saying that it is not a big deal and nothing will change.

i made this a known fact to everyone i possibly knew when i left him. this is a cousin i have always talked too and never had any problems with... so they def won't be having any sleep overs at her place because my parents won't allow him on their property!

i even went to school with her (we are both the same age). they have been dropping little hints on Facebook for weeks...

First I suspected that my ex is dating my cousin’s friend. They knew each other through me because I introduced him to all my family and friends while he only introduce me to the member of his family and 3 friends in the 3 yrs that we’ve been together. The day after is when my cousin replied saying that she didn’t expect that my ex has feeling for her and that she can’t hold his feeling.. All the years we grew up together are gone in an instant. Now they’re together and she always post photos of him and her on insta and facebook. It feels so unfair that the guy that I gave my all to, the years that i’ve worked for was all taken away in a matter of time by a family member.. I always appear cheerful coz I want them to see that Im fine without them but I always think about it. Keep in mind that it was you who broke up with him.September of last year I broke up with my ex bf that I’ve been with for 3yrs because I felt like I wasn’t good enough for him.So I decided to get myself together first and be more mature to be suitable for him.And also,around the same time, my grandma passed away and I pushed everyone away. We talked sometimes, just to catch up and see how the other was doing. They're not acting like family, they're acting like a couple. Not because I still had feelings for him or because I thought he was "mine" or anything, but because my cousin and I had previous issues. Now thanks to the both of you, I won't feel comfortable bringing any future boyfriends around my cousins or friends. Thank you both for proving to me that no matter how big my heart is, there are still people out there who will do whatever they can to tear it to pieces.

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I was hurt because the day when he stopped texting me was the day that I was with my cousin and celebrating my sisters birthday and Before Valentines Day, my cousin nd I were still together and I was telling her how I feel. Even now Im still not over it because despite everything I still love him.. After you "invested all that time" into him, you are the one who called it quits, so you can not blame him for moving on.

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