Consolidating powerpoint presentations nickelback dating site

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Consolidating powerpoint presentations

Figure 7 – Using Theme Colors Make Your Choices Easier Interestingly enough, the process of combining colors is much more forgiving when using gradients—colors that fade into each other.Power Point 2010 offers a greatly improved, user-friendly interface for making gradients, by the way (Figure 8).Figure 8 – Adding a Gradient to a Shape Because nature regularly blends colors this way (think of a sunset), we are used to seeing colors gradually transition from one hue to the next, meaning that you can get away with combining just about any color set and still end up with a reasonably attractive and professional look. Try blending colors to make a custom-designed slide background, a decorative shape—perhaps for a sectional background (Figure 9) or navigation button (Figure 10)—or even jazzy, 3-D text (Figure 11).

By Robert Lane Why do some color combinations work so well in your presentations, and why do other color combinations make your presentations difficult to watch? Most of us have never been trained as graphic artists and don’t necessarily know the rules for making visually attractive and meaningful content.Inability to notice the difference between red and green colors is the most common form of color blindness.For example, let’s say you place green text on a red background, as in Figure 6.If the text color’s shading (amount of darkness) has little contrast with the background color’s shading, some viewers will not be able to read that text at all!Avoid such problems by never mixing these two colors, especially in a text versus background combination.

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