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Primary School to High school College University all with the response of girls. Now a days banglaadeshi girls are trying to go for a better degree like MBA BBA phd mphil pheloship with scholarship.

Sometimes special arrangement for girls like woman college or woman university.

Selfie was even elected “Word of the Year” for 2015 by the Oxford English Dictionary.

There are 167,065,076 images hashtagged “selfie” on Instagram and Kim Kardashian is “writing” a book called Selfie, so it’s not surprising that a few beauty brands have started developing makeup made specifically for selfies—no filter required.

It is bordered by India on all sides except for a small border with Burma (Myanmar) to the far southeast and by the Bay of Bengal to the south.

As the World Bank notes in its July 2005 Country Brief, the country has made significant progress in human development in the areas of literacy, gender parity in schooling and reduction of population growth However, Bangladesh continues to face a number of major challenges, including widespread political and bureaucratic corruption, and economic competition relative to the world. Some minister also prime minister of Bangladesh lead by girls. Dhaka city got busy day by day as a mega city for job and living condition. However, per-capita (inflation-adjusted) GDP has more than doubled since 1975, and the poverty rate has fallen by 20% since the early 1990s.In recent decades, Dhaka has seen modernization of transport, communications and public works.The city is attracting large foreign investments and greater volumes of commerce and trade.Timely marketing is of course part of their strategy, but many of the new formulas actually work with how a camera “sees” us, working to address some of the most common selfie-related issues: disappearing features, lackluster lips, and hair that just doesn’t dazzle the way it does IRL. Read on for five common woes and the ways to fix ‘em—no filter required.You’ve seen it thousands of times on Facebook and other social media outlets, there is even a song on the radio about it!

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