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Fight the forces of censorship and suppression of the Talmud, and bring about understanding between peoples of different faiths. Make CDs and distribute them to friends, neighbors, ministers, and community leaders. Flyers advertising can be distributed throughout your community.

Genuine Come and Hear™ CDs do not contain executable programs.

Jewish law in particular surprises and delights moderns, because it not only suggests solutions, but teaches how complex moral issues can be attacked and dissected.

Within its ancient legal code are deep and detailed considerations of issues like privacy, allocating medical resources, the causes of violence, and many more.

(12) Orthodox Judaism, to which Rabbi Lapin subscribes, teaches that the Talmud is the Word of God.

The Talmud authorizes and sanctifies sexual intercourse between adults and very young children, including homosexual intercourse.

Laura admits that she is a novice when it comes to the Jewish view of things. She professes astonishment at her lack of support from Orthodox Jewish quarters.

There was a certain town in the Land of Israel the legitimacy of whose inhabitants was disputed, and Rabbi sent R.

Romanos who conducted an enquiry and found in it the daughter of a proselyte who was under the age of three years and one day, and Rabbi [Judah the Prince] declared her eligible to live with a priest. many of the pressing moral, ethical, and legal issues that are front-burner today were already painstakingly and lovingly considered by savants of the past.

Has Rabbi Lapin neglected to tell Concerned Women for America about those Jewish doctrines?

Americans must get beyond fear of rejection and be open and frank with each other if we are to have real understanding between different religious faiths.

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