Christian slater dating history

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Christian slater dating history

The film proved to be another critical and box office dud for Slater.A longtime Star Trek fan, Slater was delighted to have a small role in 1991’s (1993) opposite Marisa Tomei.For cineastes, especially those who endured the mad pangs of adolescence in the halcyon ’90s, the mental image of Patricia Arquette will always be that of a badass Southern belle in a push-up bra with blood-red lipstick, Charlie’s Angels blond bob, and five-dollar shades.Her Alabama Worley, a prostitute-cum-outlaw in Tony Scott’s True Romance, remains one of the most indelible screen sirens ever.Off screen, Slater got in trouble with the law that December.

The film was yet another success for Slater, but his off-screen antics threatened to derail his career.

He and television producer Ryan Haddon got married that February.

The couple had two children together—a son named Jaden and a daughter named Eliana—before separating in 2005. In 2008, Christian Slater landed his first starring role in a prime-time TV series, , playing a spy with a split personality.

He even got into a scuffle with the police officers at the scene.

For several days before the incident, Slater had been on a drug and alcohol binge.

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His romantic pairing with Mary Stuart Masterson in (1996), which also starred John Travolta.

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