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Chinies necked girl

Hu even made a 5kg metal chain to lock Liu Jinfeng at home for long periods of time.At the beginning of 1994, Liu Jinfeng again attempted to escape.After being pursued several kilometers, she was recaptured by Hu who then broke her right leg and thereafter shackled her to a bed.Hu left the village for business but before he left, he entrusted his cousins, a certain Tang and Guan, with custody over Liu Jinfeng.It was because she plotted, kidnapped, and murdered her boyfriend that Song Dan was sentenced to death by the Jiangxi Jiujiang Intermediate People’s Court.What more, this girl claimed she only trying to get money to go see her idol, Liu Xiang.Photo: Ren Xue taken before she was sentenced to death.Murderer Liu Jinfeng, female, 20-years-old, with only primary school education, born 1975 in Luge Village of Tuhuai Township in Yuncheng city of Shanxi province, executed according to law 1995 in Xianyang.

One morning around National Day holiday in 2005, after just turning 18-years-old, Song Dan was taken to the execution grounds.

From the image, relevant personnel can be clearly seen inspecting the items carried by Tao Jing.1986, Song Dan was born to an average rural family in Nanyang township of Ruichang city of Jiangxi province.

When she was 13-years-old, she was raped multiple times by a Nanyang Middle School teacher surnamed Song, and not long after again seduced multiple times into sexual relations by her uncle-in-law.

The two of them instead took the opportunity to rape Liu Jinfeng multiple times, causing her to become pregnant.

At the end of 1994, Liu Jinfeng gave birth to a baby boy in Tang’s home.

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19-years-old (some say 23-years-old) Ren Xue from Henan Luoyang [above], young and beautiful, the younger sister to two older brothers.

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