Chatroom verses

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Chatroom verses

) it's mind-boggling to think that neither of these options existed less than 60 years ago.

Thanks to innovations at MIT and the University of Illinois, we have access to technology which has changed how we communicate, and indeed, changed our lives.

Also please do not engage in any blasphemous, profane, or improper talk, or any talk that is offensive to our Christian community. The moderators are there to watch over the chat rooms, promote fellowship, and protect the chat rooms when necessary. :-) Don't add to their stress by disputing their actions, especially if it involves someone else and not you.

Also, please don't post any inappropriate links in your chat profile or in the forums, or in the chat rooms (e.g., links to anti-Christian sites, sites with inappropriate content, sites promoting other religions, cults, or doctrines contrary to the Bible). Please speak mostly English in the chat rooms so that others can understand you. We don't want to make an absolute rule against all secular music/lyrics, but most most secular music is indeed worldly (against the teachings of the Bible), and we'd really rather have Christian music or lyrics playing (or being sung) when others enter our "Christian" chat rooms! For example, if you see a moderator kick someone, and wonder why, don't worry about it. Have some trust in the moderators, appreciate them, and respect their oversight of the chat rooms.

The ability to chat with groups of people was developed at the University of Illinois in 1973.

At its beginning, only five people could chat at a time!

In the late '90s, a technological advancement occurred that would forever change the digital landscape: AOL began offering internet service for a flat monthly fee. Most of these "rules" are simply common sense and proper Christian conduct, but for reference here they are. Nothing anti-Christian, or inappropriate for a Christian chat room or forum.Please do not try to register any blasphemous or offensive nicknames.By "anything" we mean anything -- web sites, chat rooms, forums, facebook groups, churches, groups, doctrine, etc.Also, please understand that many users have joined our chat rooms to try to solicit donations for their own charity (or some other Christian charity).

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Please don't go around creating a cloud of mistrust and suspicion concerning fundraising on Christian It takes a lot of hard work, and money so people have a place for chatting, fellowship, ministry, and discussion.