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She is later seen having lunch with Jenna and Tamara until Jenna volunteers for Jake Rosati's prep rally.She gets caught up in the Asian group while trying to help Jenna in Sex, Lies and the Sanctuary.

In No Woman is An Island, she is mentioned that she went off to boarding school so she can get into better colleges.

Ming Huang is a former main female character of Awkward, and former recurring character of the first and second seasons.

While she is known for her sense of fashion, Ming was also cautious, who was always on her toes because of the Asian Mafia's then-leader Becca.

She is laid back and intellegent, and also street smart, she is also shown to be unimpressed whenever she gets an A, most likely because she is used to it.

Ming was nervous and saw the Asian Mafia's leader, Becca as the biggest threat.

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Freud developed many theories including those that focus on the unconscious, the interpretation of dreams, Id, ego, and super ego, and what is referred to as the psychosexual development theory.